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Liquid Shredder PRO & Element series


Gabriel Aramburú
Team: Quicksilver, Klimax Boards, Sunset Pro Tech Leashes
Tour ALAS 2005: Top 3
Champion Alas 2003

Review: “ The Liquid Shredder softboards are very good, safe, and have a killer design. They are perfect for surf schools because they come in a variety of measurements, adapting to the different needs each student might have. In my opinion, the Liquid Shredder softboards are safer and more maneuverable than any of the other softboard brands that I have surfed with, and the closest thing to a fiber board. You should definitely try them, it’s a win win situation."

Gabriel Aramburú


Javier Swayne
Team: Billabong, Klimax Boards, SAGA FALLABELLA
Tour ALAS 2005: Top 3
Champion Alas 2004

Review: “The Liquid Shredder boards have a good design and the materials they are made with are extremely resistant. The long boards between 8 and 9 feet are the ones I use the most in my surfing school, because they offer my students maximum stability and buoyancy"

Javier Swayne

Claudio Balducci
Team: Wayo Whilar boards, wetsuits BOZ
Ranking FEPTA Longboard: 1st Place 2004

Review: “From my point of view, the Liquid Shredder softboards are the best board to learn how to surf, because they offer the student buoyancy, stability, speed when paddling, and safety… Try them…”

Claudio Balducci

Brissa Málaga
Team: Tablas Klimax
FEPTA Ladies : 1st Place 2005

Review: “I thought the Liquid Shredder boards are excellent, they are super fluid… I have tried them in waves like San Gayan and they worked awesome in such heavy surf, so they have to be good… to be honest with you I really had a good time that session and the thing is you can use them anytime, whether it’s flat or huge, they’re so fun to use… try them, they are awesome…”

Brissa Málaga


Testimonials Surf Schools
Liquid Shredder HD School Series


OLAS PERU www.olasperu.com
Director: Roberto Meza cel: 9834-6968
Instructor: Miguel Vega cel: 9834-6885
Review: “We can nowadays say that Liquid Shredder boards have revolutionized surf schools here in Peru.” We are aware that these boards are the best soft boards for surf schools. We have worked alongside Sunset helping them design several improvements and variations, and now we can say that the latest “HD” models for surf schools are the most resistant soft boards out there. They have rubber edges that make them very safe and durable, they don't absorb water, they are light, and now with the new fabric-installed grips they need very little wax. They are excellent for beginners due to their design, which closely resembles a fiber surf board. In my school we have more than 150 students a day and we have every single Liquid Shredder Board model in our quiver in order to cover all ages and make it easier for everyone to learn.”

Roberto Meza
Seven Times National Longboard Champion
National Open Champion
Latin American Champion 2004

Magoo Surf School
Director: Magoo de la Rosa cel 9810-1988 y 9878-2287
Instructor: Gerónimo Castagnetto: cel 9837-9197
Review: The Liquid Shredder Boards are ideal for beginner surfers. I am truly amazed at how Sunset has pushed the evolution of their boards' performance throughout the years. The new sealed cell cover makes them so much more durable and resistant; they don't absorb water and are extremely lightweight. I have always used BZ, but I think I am better off with Liquid Shredder now. I have also noticed that the majority of surf schools are currently using them, probably because they are really good and above all safe which is the most important thing when it comes to my students.”

Magoo de la Rosa
Seven Times National Champion
World Champion Gran Master 2007
Latin American Champion 2001

Escuela: Chalo Espejo - Rip Curl
Director: Carlos "Chalo" Espejo cel 98113532
Review: “In my opinion, the Liquid Shredder soft boards are excellent. The one we use the most in my surf school is the 7'5” because most of my students are between the ages of 6 and 13… this size is like surfing on a 9 foot fiber board for them. If we compare them with other soft board brands, the feature which distinguishes them the most is their maneuverability, this helps the student to quickly improve his/her surfing…”
Some time ago I received as a gift some soft boards from China for me to check out. They didn't even last two months and they were already coming unglued. I am very happy with my Liquid Shredder Boards; my students stand on the board on their first day, every single time".

Chalo Espejo
Two times National Champion '86 - '87
Two times Master Champion 99- 2000

Rocio Larrañaga
Escuela: Rocio Larrañaga
Telf 264-5100 cel 97107345
email: rocio_larranaga@hotmai.com

The Liquid Shredder are amazing, in my surfing school I have no risk of injuries or cuts with these boards, they float really well making it super easy to stand up in a wave, when the more advanced students use them they also have fun because the boards are really maneuverable. In my school I only use Liquid Shredder boards.

Rocío Larrañaga
Peruvian National Champion for 7 years
2000 Latin American Champion

Escuela Tubos Surf School
web: www.tubossurfschool.com
Director: Pablo Doig : 9762-3466
Las tablas Liquid Shredder son las mejores para enseñar a correr olas sin duda, brindan seguridad -por el material del que están hechas y los accesorios- y diversión al máximo -por los diseños- que es lo mas importante para garantizar una buena enseñanza. Además para los alumnos que ya están agarrando un buen nivel tienen la línea PRO para que arriesguen con todo y estén seguros que si hay golpes, serán mas suaves que una tabla de fibra.

Liquid Shredder es garantía de diversión al máximo, pruébenlas ! quedarán satisfechos.

Pablo Doig
Instructor: Tamil Martino : 9707-2155
Campeón Nacional Longbord 2005